Strawberry’s Favorite Temperature And Humidity


Strawberry is rich in vitamins and minerals with special aroma, sweet and sour. It’s a very promising fruit which contains high medicinal and medical value. So more and more horticulture farmers and corporations prefer to grow strawberry with kinds of greenhouses such as glass greenhouse, plastic film greenhouse and simple tunnel house. It’s easier to get the investment back with higher price than normal vegetables and other fruits.




Strawberry has main two varieties around the world. One is originate from Japan and another is originate from Europe and America. The first one grow in cold or cool area normally and tastes more sweet and softer. The second one is little harder and tastes sour. We mainly grow first one especially along one latitude belt in north of China.




It has big temperature difference between day and night time for different growing stages. 




It’s more sensitive for the temperature in blossom stage because the pollination will be affected no matter the temperature is too hot or cool during this stage. 

In the fruit swelling to maturity stage, the fruit will become mature fast and earlier and the fruit size will be limited if the temperature is too high. So it’s very critical stage to get highest yield and income for the growers.




Strawberry needs different climate environment for different varieties during different growing stage. And it also needs suitable water and irrigation measures to guarantee the plants’ growing needs.