2020/02/12 11:06
200 Days to the exhibition Openning
Updated News:2017China International Irrigation Show expecting your attendance.
CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry
China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional
Planning of CAAS

Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development
in Agriculture of CAASS

China Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer

Overseas Honorary Supporters:
Irrigation Association (IA)
the European Irrigation Association   (EIA)
Irrigation Association of Australia (IRRIGATION AUSTRALIA)
The Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)
International Fertilizer Industry Association  (IFA)
The Arab Fertilizer Industry Association (AFA)
The Fertilizer Association of India (FAI)
Show News » Promoting Application of Fertigation Technology, Building Ecological Agriculture
CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry has held the China International
Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition(CAC)and China International
Fertilizer Show(FSHOW) for fourteen years, we had accumulated a lot
of customer resources at domestic and abroad, relying on large resources
of CAC and FSHOW, rich experience in exhibition organization, we will
launched the China international Irrigation Show to full display agricultural
and horticultural irrigation technology and equipment, promoting fertigation
application, to strengthen domestic and international technology exchange
and cooperation.

We believe that fertigation will lead to the big change in planting technology,
fertigation application development is being in spring. China international
irrigation Show(IRRISHOW) will bring opportunity and development for
agriculture industry.