Vertical Farms in containers - economic sustainability to be assessed before everything

Greatit founder Daniele Bertocchi explains that "vertical farms in reused containers are a novelty, as they cut costs by dozens of thousands of Euro compared to similar solutions. The economic sustainability of what is to be cultivated needs to be assessed."

"It is not just about selling a product, we need to assess the economic advantage together with entrepreneurs by studying a project. We recently put a project to cultivate strawberries on stand-by as it does not guarantee a sufficient economic return with the average prices of the past few years. Another project with ginger has instead proved winning right from the start when it comes to both production and economic sustainability." 


Greatit will be in Berlin to showcase "Demetra" to operators from all over Europe. The company practically sets up vertical farms in containers so that companies can place them, connect them up and immediately start growing and producing vegetables." 

"Our technological partners are C-Led, Idroterm Serre and Monti, while Sicom and Magli Intermodal service are at the base of Greatit. We called these containers Demetra, and they can be fully managed remotely. Only sowing and harvesting must be performed on site. In addition, thanks to the 4.0 technology that also takes advantage of tax benefits, all phases can be monitored via smartphone." 


Daniele Bertocchi

In such a period when companies keep disappearing and statistics report that only one third of small companies have a designated family successor, "many young people are not willing to make a significant investment in a sector that requires them dedicating long hours and considerable physical effort to obtain very little. We need a new generation of growers to supply the local food we seek. Demetra goes in this direction."


Source: VerticalFarmDaily